This site is dedicated to spreading the word about the power of St. Expedite. St. Expedite is the patron saint of assistance, especially when help in a hurry is needed. He has helped many during their times of need.


If You Need Assistance in a Hurry,

Ask St. Expedite for Help

1. Tell St. Expedite what you require and by when you need it. Ask for his assistance.

2. Then specify what you will do if you receive this help from him; promise to carry out these actions after you receive St. Expedite's help.

3. Watch carefully. As soon as you notice that St. Expedite has delivered the requested assistance, respond by fulfilling your promise as soon as possible.

Timely fulfillment of your part of the bargain is important to St. Expedite. As soon as you know that he has delivered what you requested, carry out your part of the agreement. This will help to build an active positive relationship with St. Expedite.


St. Expedite's Day – April 19

Day – Wednesday

Color – Red

Other names – St. Expeditus, Santo Expedito, San Expedito